Hello my name is Ursula and welcome to my website.

I am extremely passionate about fitness and I love what I do everyday. Making an impact in other people's lives as well as improving my own fitness helps to keep me motivated and happy.

I'm a mother of two amazing boys as well as a business owner.. Life is Busy. When I started selling Brazilian Activewear eight years ago, I had no idea that it would become the thriving business that it is today.

I promise to continue to work to expand upon the successes that I have created to ensure a brighter future for my family and active women everywhere.

The inspiration for the products in my collection began years ago when I was taking my daily jog through my hometown in Redondo Beach. I wanted to feel good about myself and wanted to wear something that was flattering to my shape and wear throughout the day.

I started to design my own workout clothes and I found that when I was confident with how I looked exercising, I was exercising far more often. I started using beautiful fabrics and Brazilian textures as inspiration for activewear. The new designs I have been making have continued to gain interest in my neighborhood and amongst many of my friends and family.

One of my greatest passions is to give back to my local community. With the help of my business Bela Fit, I have been able to work at a number of community events to provide support. Bela Fit has donated portions of our profits to various causes within the community including women's groups, our local school PTA, church functions and more.

I will continue to stay an active mom, hiking with my kids and my dog. I wear my designs every day and I'm excited to bring new products to you through the Bela Fit website. With new designs to showcase regularly, it's important to check back often.

Thank you so much for supporting Bela Fit and our products.

Stay fit, Stay Beautiful


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